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Model: IMRC-74749

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ImmersionRC EzAntenna Tracker v2

The EzAntenna Tracker V2 System is the successor to the ImmersionRC’s EzAntenna Tracker Lite, the first commercially available antenna tracker designed for FPV/UAV flight.

It operates by using the digital telemetry stream from the EzOsd module, the XuGong V2 Pro or the TinyTelemetry Module by sending down information from one of the Audio channels on the A/V link, Via the transmitter, This telemetry stream contains information on the planes GPS location and other information available to the Telemetry module, such as battery voltage and link quality.

The telemetry stream, then exits the audio jack of the ground/base station A/V receiver and feed into an antenna tracker to drive a pan and tilt system.

• Single wire connection via the G/S link
• Control of the RX Freq/Band with direct readout on the LCD
• 3A quiet switching regulator
• 3 A/V outputs for DVR/Goggles/LCD
• USB port for setup and updates
• Alarms for loss of tracking, and low battery
• 100% compatible with Telemetry from EzOSD, Tiny, Xugong V2
• No more Heat shrink and cables or BEC
• Professional aluminum enclosure with bumpers

Initial Release Date: Sept 2014
Max. Servo Supply Current: TBD
Power Requirements: 2s-4s LiPo (6v – 16v)
Power Consumption: ~100m

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