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 ImmersionRC FPV EZAntenna Tracker for EzOSD
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ImmersionRC FPV Antenna Tracker (for EzOSD):

- The First Commercial Antenna Tracker for FPV/UAV use
- Simple audio connection to an A/V receiver, and two servos
- Uses telemetry data downlinked from an EzOSD, or TinyTelemetry module
- Integrated LCD, displays live telemetry and sensor data, including EzUHF link status
- Standard USB port for firmware upgrade
- Three button intuitive user-interface
- Non-volatile storage of last plane position, useful for locating a lost model.
- Non-volatile storage of the antenna’s position, and orientation, no need to reconfigure for repeat flights at the same location
- 3.5mm 4-pole socket for direct connection to A/V receivers, or the EzPowerBox.
- Power Requirements: 5-7.4v DC, ~65 mA

Increase usable range, and image quality
The innovative FPV Antenna Tracker performs the almost magical task of following your model around the sky, pointing a high-gain directional antenna directly at your model.

This technology, previously seen only on military, or space applications, can greatly increase the range of an A/V link, and can make low-power license-free transmitters quite usable.

The unique TrackerLink interface provides a single-cable connection between the diversity receiver and the antenna tracker. This link shows frequency and RSSI information on the Antenna Tracker LCD display, and also optimizes the antenna’s positioning based on this data! (Rev. 2 only)

Supports standard pan/tilt mounts.

Telemetry Display
The only antenna tracker to display all telemetry data on its Integrated LCD display. This data includes the last position of the plane (GPS coordinates), the plane’s battery level, current consumption, mAh consumed. Even the full status of the EzUHF link is displayed.

Intuitive User Interface
A three-button user-interface, as found on the popular EzOSD product, allows the system to be configured in the field, without requiring a connected PC!. Servo gains, servo reverse, pan/tilt limits, may all be adjusted.

The user-interface also allows manual antenna positioning, and fine-tuning of antenna positioning to optimize video reception.

Lost Model Recovery
The integrated LCD always show the last known position of a model. This position is stored in the antenna tracker’s on-board non-volatile memory, and is restored the next time the system is powered up.

Power the tracker with a standard Rx pack, and walk to a lost model, guided by the on-screen GPS coordinates. Alternatively, hook up the iPhone™-based iTelemetry application, and use the iPhone’s built-in GPS to show your, and your plane’s location on a live map.

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