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 ImmersionRC iTelemetry Dongle EzUHF

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ImmersionRC iTelemetry Dongle EzUHF

Immersions new iTelemetry Dongle, a telemetry interface for smart-phones and tablets. The little dongle allows users to view critical information such your model's position on a live map, Battery status, Uplink status (EzUHF required), Altitude, Distance and much more.

The ImmersionRC iTelemetry dongle connects between your A/V receiver's output, via a standard 3.5mm 4-pole jack, and your smart-phone or tablet's headphone/mic input.

A unique real-time telemetry decoder application, freely downloadable from either the ImmersionRC website, or the Apple AppStore, may be loaded onto your smart device. This APP shows Real-time updates of telemetry data, including positional status (distance, altitude, direction, etc.), EzUHF uplink status (RSSI, Link Quality), and battery status (current, voltage, mAh consumed). Useful for long range flight to estimate link margins, battery duration. Etc.

The current position of your model is shown as a trail of 'breadcrumbs' over a map, which can show either a road-map, satellite image, or a hybrid of the two. A recovery aid for lost models shows the model's last known position, along with the position of the smart-phone/tablet. Connect the dots to find the model, even in long vegetation (corn fields for example). Very useful when combined with recent FatShark goggles, with built in DVRs. Replay the video recorded during a flight through the telemetry dongle to locate a downed model

A Headphone output enables audio alerts from your smart device to be heard by the pilot, or simply to listen to loud techno-music while racing down a mountain valley at a few inches above the ground. An Adjustable 'thumbwheel' gain control, recessed to avoid accidental rotation, may be used to adapt the audio levels to different devices such as Fatshark goggles.

- GPS, Battery, RSSI, Altitude and more is viewable
- Compatibility with iPhone/iPad and most android devices
- Integrated gain control for greater TX/RX compatibility
- Headphone output jack, for in-flight audio feedback
- No battery/power required
- Standard 3.5mm jack input and outputs

Iphone/Ipad or Android device
To take full advantage Ezuhf is recommended

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